Human Culture Collective: Global Health & Wellbeing Campaign

Human Culture Collective: Global Health & Wellbeing Campaign

Technology, Treatments, Tools and Resources for your Health & Wellbeing.

Help Us Make Global Impact on Healthcare.

Donate Now and Get:

1) A Unique Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Mobile App.

Which includes quantitative scientific information on how your stress is effecting your body and simple exercises, reminders and inspirational quotes to help you with daily relaxation and living a true work-life balance.

2) Be the first Beta Testers for our VIRTUAL REALITY Meditations & Wellbeing Workshops. Following the release of our Mobile App, we will be launching a Virtual Reality App for meditations and nurturing well being & relaxation workshops.

Donate now and be the first Beta Testers and gain VIP Access to our upcoming Virtual Reality series!

See a full list of benefits packages on our Perks page.


There are very few tools and resources available for people to understand how their thoughts, emotions and lifestyle are effecting their physical condition...and even fewer resources to help them understand what they can do about it.

Our EPI assessments and TimeWaver Medical Technology enables us to have an in deep look at a person's psycho-emotional-physical interface and put together a personalised program designed for their specific needs.

For the last 5 years, our clinical trials and personalised treatments have focused on London. We've had outstanding and even transformative results on our patients. And now we want to take this out into the world so we can give more people more treatment options as well as more comprehensive and personalised information about their condition.

You can read more about our work at:

What We Hope to Achieve with Your Help:

We need your help to raise £75,000 so through this campaign we can:

  • Bring together world leading scientists and therapists to contribute health related educational tools and resources for a digital platform that can be easily accessed by the general public. This platform would aim to give people self-assessment information on their condition as well as complimentary treatment options, tools & resources so they can begin to understand how to take their health back into their own hands, whilst waiting in the cue for formal assessments and treatments.
  • Take our comprehensive and personalised treatment options out into the community. The digital platform we build will extend into community based initiatives. We'll be starting in Tower Hamlets by training Nurses, Healthcare professionals and Caregivers to be qualified in "Comprehensive and Personalised Complimentary Medicine". Training Healthcare Professionals in our technology and approach means that they become aware of how a patients thoughts, emotions and lifestyle are effecting their condition, and therefore have the knowledge they need to personalise all treatments. Our goal is to put patients needs back at the centre of healthcare.

We believe in the importance of patients having a Well Being Experience and therefore see it as critical for more personalised treatment options to be available. We believe it's important for personal challenges/therapies as well as physical improvement/treatments to work hand in hand in order for an individual to achieve their long term goals.

The Impact

The Problem:

  • Clinics and Health Centres are in general overbooked with long waiting lists. The current system puts quantity over quality and as a result people's needs are not met.
  • The cost of Healthcare and medication has soared and as a result many people can not afford the treatments they need.
  • Limited Awareness and access to the latest medical technology, research and alternative and complimentary treatments.

Why "Comprehensive & Personalised Complimentary Medicine"?

It's 'integrative' and 'personalised' because it comprehensively assesses and treats The Whole Person.

Our model is 100% patient centred. Our integrative approach combines cutting edge science and technology with the latest creative therapies for personalised and comprehensive treatments for patients. This includes:

  • In depth non-invasive assessment procedures
  • Sophisticated quantum technologies. Utilising this objective data to empower the patient and have the awareness to better learn from and manage their condition better.
  • Movement therapies, creative therapies and nutrition integrated with bio-informatics. (Helping you understand what your body is trying to tell you and creating a personalised program for your individual physical, mental and emotional needs.) Allowing these creative/movement therapies to express these seemingly intangible phenomena so you can better grasp, manage and cope with your condition and heal from the inside out.

  • Donate now to change someone's life and have a profound impact on the health of our people and communities.

    The Risks & Obstacles:

    Pioneering a more personalised and integrative approach to healthcare has challenges. The main obstacle we could face would be getting more healthcare centres and rehabilitation centres to take on this more comprehensive, personalised and integrative approach.

    If we don't reach our funding goal we won't be able to:

    • Administer staff training programs or implement our "Comprehensive and Personalised Complimentary Medicine" in Tower Hamlets community.

    But what we do raise will go towards:

    • Bringing together world leading scientists and therapists to contribute health related educational tools and resources for the general public.
    • Creating a digital platform where the educational tools and resources that we are able to raise funds for can be easily accessed by the general public.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you can't afford to donate, you can:

    • Share this campaign with your friends on facebook or using Indiegogo share tools.
    • Email this campaign to your friends and raise awareness on mental health.
    • Join our emailing list and learn more about what we do and opportunities for other ways you can be involved.

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