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Taking Healthcare Back in our Hands. People lead initiatives emerge as corporations crumble.

In September, 2016, a new online platform will launch which will make health related tools and resources available to the general public and allow scientists and researchers to engage directly with public feedback. Shocking statistics are emerging that patients are waiting 6 months to 1 year for clinical assessments and treatments. Many with critical illnesses are dying whilst "in the cue".

Research in Complimentary Medicine as well as these alternative treatment options have increased. This could be said to be partially due to people feeling "dehumanised" by the current system who are looking for a "wellbeing experience" combined with the unavailability of clinical treatments and assessments. A new initiative called Sci-Art-Met has come forward to make even more available comprehensive information, self-assessment procedures, tools and resources to the general public so they have more knowledge and resources to understand how to deal and manage their condition. This online platform ( signifies how digital technology could play a key role in putting healthcare more and more back in people’s hands. It asks if there are ways we can become less “system reliant”.

“A GP has less than 10 minutes to diagnose you, and the system is structured to value quantity of patients over quality of treatments. Something needs to be said about the high degree of "system reliance". Complimentary medicine can offer key information regarding a person’s condition but also key tools and resources so people are in a better position to cope and manage their condition. RICEVA Arts is proud to be building the online platform which can facilitate this patient centred process.”

– Julene Siddique – Director RICEVA Arts Ltd.

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An article by: Euan Rafferty at RICEVA Arts Ltd./Orassy Academy

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